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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

talking to the moon;

Bonjour bloggies, today is a very rubbish-weather day so I thought I'd spend some time doing a new post instead of moping and ending up with SAD.

Every season, I get bored of my hair and want to do something new to it. I've cut it short, bleached it blonde, dyed it black, grown it out, shaved some out of the side, dyed it ombre.. you name it. But what about when you want to do something to your hair without ACTUALLY doing anything to it? You want to experiment with a new look without having to worry about fallouts, regrowth rates or ways to somehow hide it if you decide you don't actually like it?

I've spent about a year growing out my fringe, but have started to get bored of the sight of my forehead. So do I just disregard all that time I spent painstakingly using every conditioning and repairing product under the sun to encourage my hair to grow?

The real solution is a huge range of clip in hair accessories. This clip in fringe cost me £3.50 from ebay and I think it looks pretty good!
I never intend to have another bad haircut; I'm just gonna get wiggy with it and experiment instead!

The piece I'm wearing here is extremely good value for money, and so unsurprisingly is made from synthetic hair. This does mean that it has just a little too much shine. It's also quite difficult to hide the seam at the top of your head, even if you pull some hair back to go over the top. That aside though, I love how it looks. I've tried it on under various hats (bowlers, beanies etc) and it looks fantastic!
It is a little on the thick side which detracts from it looking the genuine article, but if you plan on wearing it under a hat anyway, you can just pull some of it back and clip it so its thinner (and thus more realistic!)

I personally love it, so if you guys are having any trouble deciding whether or not to take the plunge, just fake it! [At least at first]. There are a massive range of colours, so no one's left out :). Also, if you're on less of a restricted budget, try real hair or lace front wigs for the best effect - word on the street is that ASOS are soon expanding into hair pieces, so watch this space!

You can buy one like mine here.
(as ever I have not been sponsored for this post!)

Has anyone got any big hair dilemmas? Or other hair solutions?

ex oh ex oh
Amant de la mode

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