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Friday, 15 June 2012

love will scar your makeup;

Bonjour, gorgeous bloggies,

Despite my promise of an outfit-of-the-day post today, I've done nothing more exciting than have a driving lesson early this morning, and then dance class this evening - needless to say I didn't exactly dress up for either, so I promise that will come tomorrow! Definitely tomorrow.

However, despite this, I have had something rather exciting arrive in my email inbox today. I recently did a photoshoot to benefit the portfolio of a local makeup artist I both know and love, and today I received 2 of the results which have been perfected by the photographer. Almost all the makeup used for the shoot was M.A.C, I'll try and find out exact names of products from the MUA incase anyone would like to know! More interestingly, we decided to use Violent Lip's lip tattoos to add something different to the mix. After a lot of trying-not-to-laugh (they crack and peel VERY easily!), we managed to get some shots out of them.

The theme of the photoshoot was 'Barbie' and 'Barbie Gone Bad':

Here is a close up of the eye makeup for 'Barbie Gone Bad':

I'm personally so so pleased with how these have turned out. There are still more yet to come, we shot in several different locations with some amazing sets. Hopefully that shows in the rest!

As for the Violent Lips lip tattoos - I have to say, as striking as they are, I'm not sure I'd have the confidence to wear them out properly unless it was to a fancy dress. They feel quite dry on your lips and are deceptively hard to apply! That being said, I did love the way they looked, but eating was a bit of a chore, which wasn't great after a few hours of shooting in the cold!

Overall I'd rate them a 6/10, because if it's a look you think you'd like to indulge in, they really are so much more interesting and unique than plain old lipstick!

What are your thoughts? Would you ever try temporary lip tattoos?

ex oh ex oh,

Amant de la mode

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