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Monday, 21 November 2011

weekday wishlist;

Haaaappy monday everyone, I hope you've all had a good day back at work/school/uni/college/etc. As my working pattern is so backwards, it's actually my first day off - so what better time to do a haul post? Especially as I'm so slack at keeping up with this blog on my work days.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
my real problem with all of this is (versace items aside) it's all so damn reasonably priced that, come next thursday, I'm almost certainly buying it ALL.

1. & 2. So I'm not actually such a massive fan of celebrity/designer/highstreet collabs (shockhorrorgasp). This is mainly due to the fact I think a lot of the items lack integrity and originality, somewhat as though said celebrity/designer has just put their name to something and not a whole lot more. However, this collection is just incredible. I admit that not all of Versace's bright and baroque prints are my cup of tea, but some of these designs are to DIE for. You're getting all the quality and ingenuity of this major fashion haus, at just a snippet of the cost. What more could you want!? Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, pretty much all their stuff has gone online; but I just had to post these two favourite pieces of mine, because they're just so beautiful.

3. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am loving a LOT of the items from lovelabel at the moment- and I'm not going to lie, this is mainly because of their mullet hems. That said, I absolute adore this long sleeved sequinned wrap dress. It doesn't cost the earth and can be paired down with some leather and dark tights, or dressed up to the max with some vintage curls, red lippy and sky-high heels.

4. Along with everyone else, I owned wet look leggings when the craze was rife. However, they werent ever really for me and were a bit of a one-time wear. BUT I think I've found my personal compromise with these wetlook AND cotton leggings from Topshop. Love the added detail without it being too much.

5. These shoes are H&M but look every inch the Topshop style. I adore the muted natural tones, chunky heel and thick straps. These would go with almost everything and are only £30! Bargain of the week I feel ladies :).

6. Now this dress might look a little odd, but there's something about it I just love, from the long sheer sleeves to the cape detailing at the back. It's sold out online (sadface) but I'm going to give my local store a go and see if I can find it - at £7.99, you really can't go wrong!

7. Urban Outfitters, you are the one for jewellery. Amazing necklace, will go with everything, and particularly 'now' with the aztec/tribal feel. J'adore.

8. This top has sold out online unfortunately, but I have spotted it in my Topshop in taaaan so I'm very much planning to snap it up come payday! Love the print, and the vest style. I feel it would look fabulous with the leggings and versace jacket.

9. Two words. In. Love. If I were a red carpet kinda gal I would live in this dress. Although it might be difficult to find an occasion to wear it, I'd buy it just to look at. Love the style and of course, the dipped a-symmetric hem. I think it would be possible to dress down if you were the London type and could get away with it; unfortunately, where I am, I think I would just get a LOT of funny looks in the day :(. Regardless, this is a definite on the wishlist this week.

10. Interestingly, I spotted a similar blazer on a picture of Cat Deeley in a magazine this week. She's not my usual style icon but she looked absolutely amazing in it, teamed with some leather trousers. I feel this would be a look I would take on with the number 4. leggings! Although white isn't the most practical of colours, I think the black lapel gives it an edge, not to mention tricking the eye into always thinking its looking whiter than it actually is!

11. Finally found a satisfactory peace sign ring. Boom. Love!

12. Last but not least, this extreeeemely popular jacket from Topshop (of course). I adore that the fur on the collar is removable, meaning that it is essentially two jacket looks for the price of one. I did try it on instore but they only had a size 8 - which would mean I couldnt fit any thick woolies underneath! I loved how it looked though and the leather is lovely and thick, so perfectly warm for the winter! I also rather like the quilted effect on the shoulders for that finishing touch.
All I can say now is PLEASE God don't let this have sold out by next thursday!

So what about you guys? What's on your wishlist this week?

ex oh ex oh

Amant de la mode

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